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Charles has worked with leaders and executives from the Silicon Valley to the City of London modeling the knowledge and performance of exceptional individuals, teams and organizations. He is the co-author of NLP: The New Technology of AchievementSuccess Mastery, and the videos NLP in Action and “Mastering High Risk Decision Making.” He is also the author of early and original audio programs on metaphoric communication and change including: Metaphors of Identity, The Mythic Wheel of Life, Words Within a Word, and Creating Irresistible Influence.
He is the creator of one of the few games, and external instruments for change, developed in the field of NLP, Trimurti – which systematically and systemically expands strategic thinking and action. While developing Trimurti, he also created the Meta-Program change cards and the Complete Erickson card deck. All three are currently being developed into apps. 

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The Magic of Language
If language were not so natural to us, we would see it for what it is – a form of magic. Here are four basic, and pervasive, magic tricks the English language plays on our perceptions of the world.


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