Charles W. Faulkner

Charles has worked with leaders and executives from the Silicon Valley to the City of London modeling the knowledge and performance of exceptional individuals, teams and organizations. He is the co-author of NLP: The New Technology of Achievement, Success Mastery, and the video NLP in Action, and the author of Metaphors of Identity, and Creating Irresistible Influence and other programs.

He is featured in the book The New Market Wizards, The Outer Game of Trading, The Intuitive Trader, Trend Following and other publications for his work with traders and high-stakes decision-makers. He is a principal in the greater Chicago firm of Influential Communications, Inc.

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Five Hidden Dimensions of Decision Making
Below conscious calculation, every decision has specific defaults that are invisible and accepted by most people. These largely determine our options and choices without our knowing it. Five of these hidden dimensions are identified along with the means of making them into decision variables for higher quality decision processes and results.


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